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Cámaras de comercio y producción de las ciudades de Cajamarca, Pucallpa, Tarapoto y Trujillo.

Red de CITES - Ministerio de la Producción...

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Organizaciones empresariales y empresas en el Perú Organizaciones empresariales y empresas en otros países Entidades internacionales de desarrollo Entidades Estatales y de Desarrollo del Perú

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There exist the resources and the technology to build a thriving and supportive world.

The achievement of a business and social management that unifies and enlarges common efforts is one of the demands most felt in the globalized world.

Competitiveness with social responsibility is a key component of corporate success, sustainable development, and the general welfare of the society. It is not the single factor but it is a necessary condition.

Cooperation and synergies among local, regional, national and international agents are fostered and made even more powerful by obtaining economic surplus, improving work conditions and the quality of life, accumulating reserves, preserving assets and liabilities, respecting human rights, gender equality, and protecting the environment.        

The mission of Recursos S.A.C. is to facilitate the willingness of enterprises to lead organizations that create innovative spaces and improvements for their clients, shareholders, and workers.

Our core competitive edge is the qualified business consultant who innovates and encourages networking within and outside the enterprise, and has timely and experienced institutional and management support.
Recursos S.A.C. has broad experience in Lima and the most important regions of Peru, mainly in locations with high investments and critical political decision making, linking businesses of different scale and building competitiveness, trust and encounters among social actors. It has also worked in Central America and the Caribbean (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and Dominican Republic) and in South American countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Paraguay).

Recursos S.A.C. consultants contribute to the improvement of production standards, productivity, and the quality of life; they facilitate agreement and consensus among social actors, and respect the different actors of the market and society. Their performance is above the average and they offer high quality consultancy services to businesses of different scale, especially to small and medium enterprises.

Recursos S.A.C. acknowledges the support of their clients, suppliers and national partners and is committed to continue delivering innovative services.
Recursos S.A.C.
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